RSGB Band Plan January 2020

Recent Changes Date Description 2019 3-Dec-18 2M: Removal of old Microwave talkback from 144.175 3-Dec-18 2M: More generic Digital Usage term in place of AX25 or TCPIP usage on 144.925, 144.9375, 144.950 3-Dec-18 2M: Correction to Simplex Channel designation to V16-V47, (was V16-V48) 3-Dec-18 2M: Correction to Simplex Channel designation in Footnote-3 to V47 (was V46) 2020 11-Dec-19 60m: Editorial - Added hyperlink for 5MHz guidance page 7-Dec-19 70cm: Removal of BW limits in 430-431.9, 433.6-434.0, 435-440 to facilitate new digital modes 7-Dec-19 70cm: Added General Note re FM/DV bandwidth 7-Dec-19 70cm: Removal of CW-only EME centre. 432.0-432.1 now more generic CW/MGM 9-Dec-19 23cm: Deleted PSK31 CoA at 1296.138 9-Dec-19 23cm: Deleted redundant Notes 3 & 4 11-Dec-19 2mm: Added information note re NoV access to frequencies >275 GHz by Full Licensees 9-Dec-19 Notes Page: Added CoA definition 9-Dec-19 Notes Page: SSB usage guidance editorial update to 7053 from 7043 11-Dec-19 Notes Page: Updated NoV bands reference to include 71 MHz and >275 GHz Page 2