M6/7 Noise at home? Progress with my EMC

Discussion in 'EMC Matters' started by M6VWM, Mar 13, 2020.

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    Just wanted to post a little update on the progress I have made since my rather downhearted posts last year as a disheartened M6. Now a 2E0VWM, even from home I am operating with managable noise at home. There are so many sources in homes and our neighbours homes, it is easy to be overwhelmed.

    The best solution for my QTH, I have found so far is a Inverted L (with a very long horizontal section that goes around my house. Set with a 9:1 and radials. I found so many sources of noise that I lost count but the major ones for any future M6/7 visitng with same issues are the main things I found and actioned to remove the issues. Don't lose heart, it is possible to make things better.
    • Followed GM3SEK guide, mains filters and large ferrites on both ends of coax and on power leads.
    • Large cables tidied and coiled where required.
    • Neighbours plasma tv died and got replaced.
    • Unused BT line was re-radiating signals, had this removed and problem reduced.
    • Something under one side of my lawn was also re-radiating signals if a radial was over the top of it. Maybe cable for an old fountain. Re-routing the radial removed. Odd that bizarrely a great deal of my noise was being picked up from the ground by one radial.
    • 8ft Earth rod and cable near to shack, removed a very occasional RF feedback issue.

    20m is literally noise free now and I've worked weak signals into the states and Asia, S1-2 at worst, 40m is often around S3-4, even 80 and top are useable with a tuner.

    So don't lose heart, get some help and things will likely improve!
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    This is good news Matt and glad that you have persevered with your noise and reduced it to a manageable level.

    Well done on the Intermediate call as well.

    It is a known fact that in today's world RFI comes from multiple sources, so with that in mind then you can eliminate them one by one which you have done so well done for doing that.

    I would be interested in knowing how long your inverted "L" is also how long is or was the counterpoise wire, all of which are critical when using a 9:1 UnUn.

    Keep up the good work and look forward to hearing back from you.

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